Learning Tree International

Client:Learning Tree International

Type: Training Services

URL: www.learningtree.co.uk

Summary: Instructor on technical and project management courses provided by Learning tree international


Learning Tree International sets the world standard for hands-on management and IT training. Virtually every organisation has relied on Learning Tree to provide its managers and employees with the skills they need to succeed in their job functions.


Peter teaches Modern Object Orientated design, Agile testing and Agile Project Management with Scrum. He teaches on Public courses at Learning Trees Public Education centres or on site courses, providing customised course material to client requirements.

Peter also works with the sales teams to help clients understand Learning Trees products better and find courses that are best suited to the clients requirements.

Peter is also technical author of a 3 day Agile testing practices course.


All courses that Peter teaches are based on activities and workshops, and there is a strong emphasis on learning by doing. Classes of up to 25 people are involved in lively discussion and debate, and using his knowledge and experience of the subject matter and class management skills, Peter ensures the learning objectives of the course are achieved. Peter has undergone Leaning Trees rigorous selection and training programme, and is continually involved in keeping his teaching skills up to date. He enjoys teaching and is motivated by sharing his knowledge and expertise with his class attendees.