Web application Developer

Client:TRF News

Type: Web application development

URL: www.trfnews.com

Technologies: .net, Umbraco, XSLT, Mailchimp,Lucene, Mailgun, CSS, JQuery, SQLServer, Google APIs

Summary: Design and build news platform.


TRF News is an online resource for factoring, Supply chain finance, receivables securitasations and receivables based products. TRF News engaged Peter to help them move from a legacy CMS that was difficult to manage. The new solution would be easier to manage and offer the sites subscribers an exciting new set of features.


Peter worked with TRF News to design and build a news platform that would:

  • Be easy to update and configure
  • Manage a subscription user base of thousands
  • Broadcast daily alerts of new content
  • Manage content allowing constant updates to the site
  • Categorisation and Tagging of content
  • Manage advertising space and advertising subscribers
  • Allow various and configurable levels of user subscription
  • Email reminders for subscribed users
  • Integration with Mailchimp for newsletter subscriptions
  • Track users usage of the site using Google Analytics
  • Integrate feedback from Google Analytics back into site, displaying most popular links
  • Search provided by Lucene
  • Make use of sophisticated search to enable content to be easily linked to related content
  • Schedule events such as emailing based on content of the site (push information to subscribers)
  • Ability to develop the product in house once development and customisation was complete

Additional work included:

  • Migration of content and user base from existing legacy platform
  • Technical management of the project
  • On going support and training


First Peter underwent a requirements analysis with TRF News to determine the most important requirements for the system. These where categorized into 'Must have' and 'Should have' requirements to ensure that the correct focus was given to business critical functionality.

Next a project plan was put together based on monthly iterations of work which delivered working software. This allowed TRF to review functionality as it was developed. Reviewing software in this way allowed TRF to refine their design further. Peter also put forward a technical scoping document that allowed TRF to review technical options such as choice of Content Management System, and Hosting provider against total cost of ownership of the product.

Technically the platform integrates the best of breed products and services to ensure that TRF News is able to offer up to the minute services. Integrating with existing products and services also reduces time in development and ensures a more stable end product.

The site went live as a "soft" launch, with a trial user base from which to gather feedback. The site was then officially launched and the user base switched over from existing legacy system.

Services, Products and APIs used in this project

  • Mailchimp
  • Google analytics
  • Google recaptcha
  • Mailgun
  • JQuery
  • Umbraco CMS
  • Quartz scheduler
  • Newtonsoft JSON
  • PetaPoco Micro ORM
  • Bouncy castle cryptography
  • Continous reliability testing using Citrulu
  • Unit testing using NUnit


The news platform went live with no major issues