Agile testing Case study
Monday, 02 February 2015 16:19
Here are some resources I created to help explain some aspects of Testing to a client. There is also a step by step description and case study of how to implement an automated release pipeline.

The difference between ATDD and TDD are quite subtle. These slides help explain the differences in terms of why we do each type of testing activity.

Summary of Test tools and frameworks. There are so many test tools and frameworks available so I thought I would try and summarise them and place them in the context of a release pipeline.

Here's an example of a release pipe line. Each step is described in detail to help explain the technical steps required to automate from code check in to releasable artifact.

An automation case study. This is an example for the latest piece of work I have been doing.

Remote Working Tools
Monday, 11 June 2012 04:48
I'm finding that I do more and more remote working, especially when I work on specialist technical jobs such as perfromance tuning or fixing critical iussues in a system. I'm coming across some great new tools to facilitate remote work, and some new ways of working with tools we've been using for a while.
CakePHP for Java Developers
Saturday, 29 September 2012 10:40

I recently started working with CakePHP to develop some REST services and a Data Analytics User interface. This is something I approached with trepidation. As a Java developer I’ve always felt unsure about interpreted languages, and had become very reliant on the compiler as part of my work pattern. Earlier experiences with Classic ASP weren’t pleasant and I only returned to using Microsoft again once .NET had become a viable platform. So with this history I was feeling a bit challenged when a client strongly preferred CakePHP as their Rapid development framework. ‘Rapid Development’ ! How could anything based on PHP be rapid ?

Monday, 11 June 2012 04:17
Usefull books

I'm often asked during training sessions about follow on reading, or the source of certain ideas or concepts. So I've put together this list of useful books and references. I'm trying to keep this list concise and not exhaustive. I personally find I have a limited capacity for reading text books, so what I do read I want to be pertinent, concise and extremely relevant to my day to day work. A lot of these books are 'industry standard' and some of them define terms that are used every day in our workplaces.

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